Cryo Edition

Cryo Edition

In addition to the numerous functions of the Basic Edition, the IVARO TUBE HANDLER XS Cryo Edition also offers special functions to enable tasks related to the handling of CryoPure tubes in bio-banks and pharmaceutical laboratories to be performed effectively.

The special configuration of this device means that time-consuming and error-prone everyday laboratory tasks can now be carried out by the device.  These may range from the labelling, recording and tracking of samples to the reforming of configurations, and the recording of sample weights. The IVARO TUBE HANDLER Cryo is a 'reliable colleague'.

Device configuration

The IVARO TUBE HANDLER XS Cryo is equipped with a 4-digit balance (or alternatively a 5-digit balance) and a barcode reader to enable fully automated processing of cryo samples.
Additional modules can also be added, if required:

• Dispensing – syringe
• Labelling
• Lid separation


• Removing tubes from racks vertically (i.e. from above) and setting them down
• Reading barcodes from the side and/or from below
• Weighing (with and without lid)
• Dispensing liquids (optional)
• Printing labels and affixing them to tubes (optional)
• (New) separating lids and unscrewing them

The IVARO TUBE HANDLER XS Cryo thus provides the foundation for reliable, fast and reproducible processing of your cryo samples.