IVARO Tube Handler XS

IVARO Tube Handler XS

The IVARO TUBE HANDLER XS is a processing centre for small vials, such as CryoPure or screw cap micro tubes. Its unique design and variability mean that diverse operations that used to be performed manually can now be automated simply and safely.


At IVARO's core is a double robotic arm: two parallel arms can grasp and hold the vessels vertically (by the cap) and horizontally (by the body of the tube). Both arms can rotate continuously around their own axis.
This unique concept means that the IVARO TUBE HANDLER can not only remove tubes and bottles from racks but can also cap and decap them.

The arm also has a barcode scanner and an ultrasonic level sensor. This means that standard processes such as recording samples, and capping and decapping can be performed easily and quickly (on-the-fly), saving you time and increasing operational reliability as you no longer have to change the grip on the vessels or place them on external modules.


• Removing vials from racks vertically (from above)
• Detecting barcodes
• Opening and closing screw caps
• Weighing – recording tare weights and sample weights (optional)
• Dispensing liquids (optional)
• Printing labels and affixing them to tubes (optional)

The IVARO TUBE HANDLER XS thus provides the foundation for reliable, fast and reproducible automation of the processing of your samples in CryoPure or screw cap micro tubes.


User-friendly operation of the powerful A.WARE lab automation control software takes place via the portable 13" touchscreen monitor.

The control computer and electronics are located within the device itself, meaning they do not take up any space on the lab bench.


Special pre-configured versions of the IVARO TUBE HANDLERS XS are available for a wide range of applications.

The devices and editions can of course all be expanded with additional modules or can be individually customised on request.

• Basic Edition

All basic functions for handling tubes with screw caps such as the Sarstedt screw cap micro tubes

Recording | Sorting | Reforming | Barcode reading | Capping and decapping

• Cryo Edition

Special version for handling CryoPure tubes.

Recording | Sorting | Reforming | Barcode reading | Capping and decapping