The plasma thawing and blood component warming device SAHARA-III is used for thawing or warming blood components packed in plastic bags such as frozen plasma, erythrocyte concentrate and whole blood. The tempering process is carried out dry, without the use of water as the heat-transferring agent. The warming time and temperature are automatically predefined for the respective blood product and do not have to be preset, so all preserved products are thawed or warmed under standardized conditions. This guarantees a high level of safety (prevention of overheating of the blood product) and a consistent and superior blood product quality.

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    When do blood components have to be heated to prevent hypothermia?

    Warming blood components (to a maximum of +42°C) is limited to special indications – massive transfusions, transfusions in neonates and transfusions in patients with cold antibodies (guidelines on the use of blood products).

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