Syringe labelling

We comply with the ISO 26825 standard and the DIVI and DGAI recommendations for the manufacture of our syringe labels. This allows us to contribute to a reduction in substance mix-ups and increase patient safety.


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    Why have some letters recently been capitalised in the middle of the word for certain compounds?

    This is the 'tall man lettering' principle. The optical distinguishability is increased by putting certain letters in capitals, for example NIFEdipine and niCARdipine.

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    What does the abbreviation DIVI stand for?

    The DIVI (Deutsche Interdisziplinäre Vereinigung für Intensiv- und Notfallmedizin [German Interdisciplinary Society for Intensive and Emergency Medicine]) is a group comprising personal members, scientific societies and professional associations, with the aim of promoting intensive medicine.


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    Do the ISO 26825 and DIVI recommendations differ from one another?

    Until 2012, the 'recommendations on the labelling of tips in intensive and emergency medicine' were merely a supplement to ISO 26825. As a result of the revision in 2012, the updated recommendations from the DIVI do now deviate from the guidelines set out in ISO 26825 in some cases. Among other things, this relates to the changing of the colour code for muscle relaxants, the use of white text for certain compounds, the use of the tall man lettering principle and the new groups 'cholinergics' and 'coagulants'.

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