Spinal needles

Spinal needles

Quickly visible CSF-reflux and considerable reduction in postdural puncture headaches – the REGANESTH® spinal needle pencil-point is distinguished by its superior manufacturing quality and well-designed features. The ergonomic handle, the atraumatic shape of the tip and the lateral eye being adapted to the internal diameter make the needle suitable for the high demands of a single-shot spinal anaesthesia.

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    Does a pencil-point tip reduce the post-puncture headache?

    The cause of the post-puncture headache is a loss of cerebrospinal fluid via the perforation site in the dura. The use of a needle which is as thin as possible coupled with the atraumatic shape of the pencil-point tip lead to very pronounced dural resistance and a very small puncture hole. This enables a significant reduction in the post-puncture headache.

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    What is the relevance of a large diameter of the lateral opening on the needle tip?

    A large lateral eye diameter has no relevance. According to the fluid mechanics principle of the lowest possible cross section, a lateral opening adapted to the internal diameter leads to rapid cerebrospinal fluid return flow and optimal injection of the anaesthetic.

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    Why are SARSTEDT spinal needles also available with a Non-Luer connector?

    In the past few years, there have been several serious cases of incorrect administration of medication when carrying out spinal and epidural anaesthesia as a result of confusion regarding neuraxial and intravenous accesses.

    As a consequence, initiatives at both a legislative and standardisation level are currently developing a new set of rules to enable the safe implementation of regional anaesthesia using instruments with Non-Luer connectors.

    In order to meet these requirements for greater levels of patient safety, we are therefore offering with immediate effect regional anaesthesia instruments and accessories with (S)Surety® Non-Luer connectors, which significantly decrease the occurrence of incidents caused by the accidental use of incorrect medication in the case of intravenous applications and neuraxial blockade techniques.

    The (S)Surety® Non-Luer connector is a connector designed specifically for regional anaesthesia which is characterised by its incompatibility with Luer connectors, although it is based on the functional principle of the Luer connector. This enables a comfortable change of system without laborious adaptation to a new handling technique.

    (S)Surety® Non-Luer connectors are incompatible with Luer connectors and therefore increase patient safety.

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    How are the needle sizes defined by gauge sizes?

    Gauge is a description and measurement unit of the width or the outer diameter of needles and tubes. The number of the gauge is reciprocal to the diameter, in other words the higher the G, the lower the diameter.  The conversion to millimetres, the external diameter and colour coding is standardised in EN ISO 6009 and EN ISO 9626.

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    How important is the needle hub on a spinal needle?

    The important features of a spinal needle hub are both good handling and visibility of the cerebrospinal fluid return flow. The REGANESTH® needle hub is characterised by its anatomical shape with a non-glare, non-reflecting liquor viewing chamber. The magnifying effect enables the flawless identification of even small amounts of fluid.  

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