Epidural needles

Epidural needles

Do you need to be able to cater to the varying anatomical circumstances of your patients when performing epidural anaesthesia? We can provide you with the appropriate epidural needles in various sizes and lengths. Our products will impress you with an ergonomic handle plate to facilitate comfortable handling or a flush-fitting mandrin that completely fills the cannula lumen, preventing the introduction of tissue particles in the epidural space.

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    Which properties characterise a high-quality epidural needle?

    The properties which characterise a high-quality epidural needle include an ergonomically formed handle plate which enables comfortable handling. A mandrin, which is flush with the ends and completely fills the lumen of the needle, is also particularly important as it prevents the penetration of tissue particles into the epidural space. Smooth surface properties also improve the sliding properties of the needle when penetrating the tissue. Graduations on the needle tubing ensure precise control of the penetration depth.

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