During blood salvage and following reinfusion wound or drainage blood is collected and directly given back to the patient without washing. By this homologous red blood cell transfusion can be minimized. Hazards of homologous transfusions can be prevented effectively by applying our HAEM-o-TRANS system with a 10 µm blood filter. Therefore the use of such a filter is an inalienable necessity. Normally no anticoagulant is required because the blood is defibrinated through contact with the incised tissue and cannot coagulate


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    Why does the blood in the HAEM-o-TRANS collection bag not coagulate?

    Anticoagulation of the drainage blood collected, for example using heparin, is generally not necessary as the blood is defibrinated by activation in the indicated tissue and can therefore no longer coagulate. However, if a large amount of blood escapes from the wound in a short time, this can cause coagulation in the blood collection reservoir. In order to avoid this, work should initially be carried out without suction during operations in which there is a significant degree of blood loss, or the first quantities of blood may not be collected in the blood collection reservoir.

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