The fields of regional anaesthesia and urine drainage systems are the focus of the Sarstedt clinical care product segment.

An extensive range of cannulas and needles for spinal, epidural and plexus anaesthesia is available for the growing field of anaesthesia.

In order to keep the risk of nosocomial infections in urine drainage as low as possible, the UD 3 urine drainage system and the UM 500 urine measuring system were developed, both of which more than meet the requirements of the applicable standards.

Extensive product range of urine drainage and measuring systems for inpatient care through to incontinence care for mobile patients.

Urine drainage

Decades of expertise in the development and manufacture of needles combined with state-of-the-art production processes ensure delivery of instruments for regional anaesthesia of the highest quality.


Intraoperative heat loss can lead to exposure and perioperative hypothermia in patients. These risks can be counteracted with thawing and warming devices from the 'SAHARA' product range.


Incorrect medications can be avoided by standardised labelling of syringes. A consistent syringe labelling system results in better patient safety.


Sarstedt offers different utensils and accessories to ensure smooth and hygienic procedures in day-to-day ward operation.